Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 02/06/2023

Consumer Durable Loan


Purchase of Consumer durables. Consumer durables include all electrical and electronics, wooden and metal furniture etc.


Individuals with regular income and self-employed persons whose income is above Rs 5000/- per month. Income includes Spouse income.

Max age before liquidation of loan is 60 years.

Quantum of Loan

10 times the gross monthly salary of the applicant or 90% of the cost of the article/s whichever is less. Max. Rs. 5 lakhs Income of spouse can be taken while Arriving at loan amount


10 % on the cost of the article/s to be purchased


Maximum Repayable is 60 equated monthly instalments without holiday period.

No Prepayment charges


Hypothecation of the article purchased out of the loan. Recovery

undertaking or salary routing or A suitable third party guarantee should also be provided.

Processing Charges

As applicable from time to time. Click here for current Service Charges