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Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 21/03/2023

NRI Queries

FOR NRI QUERIES AND CLARIFICATIONS                                         

E-Mail:- nrihelp[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in

Phone:- +91 044-28519611

For Remittances: 
Track the status of your remittance. IOB's tracking cell helps you to know the status of your remittance from anywhere in the world. It is so simple

Track Your Foreign Exchange Inward Remittance

Phone +91 044-28519618 
E-Mail fedcar[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in

You need to furnish the following details for expeditious reply

  • Date, currency and amount of remittance
  • Mode of remittance viz whether by SWIFT/TT/online etc.
  • The name of the originating country and Bank with SWIFT BIC (ie, the Bank sending the remittance)
  • If your banker sends the remittance through another intermediary Bank, then name of the intermediary bank with SWIFT BIC.
  • Name and address of the remitter
  • Name and fifteen digit account number of the beneficiary and the branch of IOB where the account is held
  • Any other relevant information.