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Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 08/06/2023

Reinvestment Deposit

What is a Reinvestment Deposit Plan?

A Reinvestment Deposit Plan basically allows you to reinvest the interest earned on your deposit.

Target Group

Individuals, Traders, Self - Employed Persons, Salaried Persons

Features of Reinvestment Deposit Plan (RDP)

  • The interest on your deposit also earns interest.
  • You can avail loans of upto 90% on the principal and also on the interest accrued.
  • You can close your deposit prematurely without any difficulty.

Minimum deposit amount

Rs. 1000/- and Multiples of Rs. 100/-

Period of Deposit

6 Months to 120 Months

Payment of Interest

Quarterly compounding and paid at the time of maturity.

Rate of Interest

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