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Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 14/06/2023


Target Group

Age - 1 Day to 25 Years


1 Days to 10 Years (Account shall be opened as a joint account with Parent/Guardian) and Above 10 years and up to 18 years minor self-operated. Above 18 years, major self-operated.

Nature of Transactions

Transactions that are savings-oriented in nature are permitted. Commercial transactions are non-allowable transactions. If non-allowable transactions are noticed, then the Branch may close the account with prior notice/intimation citing reasons thereof.

Minimum Balance

Rs. 200/- for non-cheque book account holders and Rs. 500/- for cheque book account holders.

Maximum Balance

If the account is self - operated, ceiling of Rs. 50,000/- shall be applicable, however, if the account is operated by parents, ceiling of Rs. 50,000/- shall not be insisted. Above 18 years, in major self-operated account, no maximum balance ceiling.

KYC Requirement

As Applicable to Normal Savings Bank Account.

Nature of Operation

With/Without Cheque Facility.

Free Cheque Book

25 Cheque Leaves will be issued free of charge per year, thereafter standard charges will be levied.


1 DD Free Per Month for Fees Payment, (Maximum Amount of Rs. 1 lacs).

Cheque/DD Collection Facility

Free Collection of Cheque/DD Gifted to the Child upto Rs. 50,000/- Per Annum.


Free NEFT, if Done Online.


As Per Applicable Charges.

SMS Banking Charge


ATM Debit Card/Type of ATM/Debit Card

Visa Classic/ Rupay Classic Card (Issued to Parent/guardian) and ATM/Debit Card Eligible for Minors of Age 10 Years or More to Those Who Maintain the Prescribed Minimum Balance and Subject to Consent by Parents / Guardian for Issue of ATM Debit Card. After 18 Years, Customer May Choose Higher Variant Debit Card Subject to Prescribed Minimum Balance Required for the Specific Variant Card.

ATM Cash Withdrawal Limit

Rs. 5,000/- Per Day up to 18 Years, Above 18 Years Based on Card Variant.

ATM POS/Ecom Limit

Rs. 25,000/- Per Day, Above 18 Years Based on Card Variant.

Debit Card Charges

Issue Charge - Free, Annual Maintenance Charge - As Per Applicable Charges

Insurance Cover on Debit Card

Rs. 2 Lakhs on Accidental Death of Parent/Guardian Operating the Account (by RuPay). As Per the Terms & Conditions of NPCI, at Present Debit Card Will be Eligible for Rupay Insurance Program Only if it is Being Used in POS/Ecom Transaction Once in 30 Days

Free Access to Own Bank ATM

5 Transactions (Financial + Non-Financial) Per Month.

Free Access to Other Bank ATM

3 Transactions (Financial + Non-Financial) Per Month at Metro or 5 Transactions (Financial + Non-Financial) Per Month at Other Centres

Conversion of Account Into Normal SB

After the Child Attains Majority (18 Years of Age), the Account Can be Converted to Regular SB Deposit.



Internet Banking

Internet Banking Facility Available, Subject to Minimum Age of Account Holder is 10 Years.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Facility Available, Subject to Minimum Age of Accountholder is 10 Years.


Passbook will be Provided.

Charges for Non-Maintenance Balance

As per Regular SB Account

Sweep in Sweep Out Facility / Flexi Facility

No Flexi Deposit Facility

Registration and Execution of Standing Instructions


Investment Options

Sukanya Samridhi: For Girl Child Sukanya Samridhi Can be Opened with us with Standing Instruction for Monthly Credit.

Recurring Deposit: RD Can be Opened and Funded with a Simple Standing Instruction from this SB Account.

Systematic Investment Plan: Invest Small Amounts at Regular Interval to Get a Corpus at the Time of Need.