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Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 16/04/2024

Consumer Durable Loan


Purchase of Consumer durables. Consumer durables include all electrical and electronics, wooden and metal furniture etc.


Individuals with regular income and self-employed persons whose income is above Rs 5000/- per month. Income includes Spouse income.

Max age before liquidation of loan is 60 years.

Quantum of Loan

10 times the gross monthly salary of the applicant or 90% of the cost of the article whichever is less. Max. Rs. 5 lakhs Income of spouse can be taken while Arriving at loan amount.


10% on the cost of the article to be purchased


Maximum Repayable is 60 Equated Monthly Instalments without Holiday Period.

No Prepayment Charges


Hypothecation of the article purchased out of the loan. Recovery undertaking or salary routing or A suitable third party guarantee should also be provided.

Processing Charges

As applicable from time to time. Click here for Current Service Charges

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