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Agri & Rural

Last Updated on: 20/10/2023



To extend retail credit facility on easy terms for raising kitchen garden, Flower Gardens, Small Orchards, Roof Gardens and landscaping.


Individuals possessing independent houses having at least 500 sq. ft of open space, for raising roof garden, similar area of open unencumbered roof space must be available. Should have regular source of income. Salaried persons, Professionals, and businessmen with regular source of income.

Corporate Clients, privately owned schools, offices, guest houses, hospitals, hotels, Proprietary or Partnership firms, Trusts and Societies etc. having at least 1000 sq. ft of open space for gardening are eligible.


For raising kitchen gardens, flower gardens, small orchards, roof gardens in independent houses, bungalows, guest houses, offices and private institutions having open space inside their compounds.

Amount of Loan

Minimum loan amount: Rs 33000/- (for 1000 sq. ft of area)
Maximum loan amount: For Individuals: Rs 2.5 lacs, For Institutions: Rs 25 lacs


No margin for loans up to Rs 1.60 lac.
15 % margin for loans above Rs 1.60 lac.


For loans up to Rs 1.60 lac:

Prime: Hypothecation of crop and assets created out of loan. Collateral Security is waived.

For loans above Rs 1.60 lac:  

1. For Employees: Undertaking letter from employer for routing of salary through the branch backed by standing instructions.
2. For Other individuals: Third party Guarantee of an individual with worth not less than that of the borrower.
3. For institutions: Collateral security of at least 50 % of the loan amount and personal guarantees of Partners/trustees/promoters.
4. Hypothecation of crop and assets created out of loan, for all the above cases.


Repayable in 3 years in monthly EMI



Rate of Interest

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