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Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 11/04/2023

NRI Remittances

With Indian Overseas Bank, you have multiple choices to remit money to India. We process remittances received by SWIFT (also known as wire transfer)/web based remittances/Electronic Fund Transfers/Drafts and Perosnal cheque.

SWIFT is an easy and fastest way to transfer money to India from abroad. It is a direct, bank-to-bank transaction. The remitter has to approach his banker in his country with the request for remittance. The remitting bank then sends the payment instruction (SWIFT MT 103) to IOB for payment to the beneficiary The instruction is processed and funds made available to the recipient intended.

Details to be furnished to the remitting bank

• Beneficiary name and account number

• Bank and branch name in India where the account is held

Please request the remitting bank to send the SWIFT message to the correct SWIFT code.