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Last Updated on: 20/07/2024

MSME Credit Schemes - at A Glance


Existing and New MSME borrowers, Borrowers under both sole banking & multiple banking arrangement are eligible, Individuals, proprietorship, partnership, TRUST, LLP, Pvt Limited companies.

Minimum above Rs.10.00 Lacs and Maximum no ceiling.

Hassle Free Credits to MSME Units, Free Credit Card, No requirement for submission of Stock/Book Debts and more.

Also available in the form of Demand Loan for your short term needs.


Existing MSME borrowers, Standard accounts enjoying facility under sole/multiple banking excluding SMA2 in the last 6 months, Individuals, proprietorship, partnership, societies, TRUST, LLP, Private and Public Limited companies

Maximum up to Rs. 25.00 Crores

Instant Sanction with attractive rate of interest and low margin of 10%

Accounts under Credit Guarantee Coverage are also eligible

SME Gold (Jewel Loan)

Individuals/ Proprietors/ Partners of MSE units, Professional & Self-employed, artisans etc., primarily engaged in manufacturing and services.

Fast Cash for Gold on All Days

Minimum Loan amount of Rs.25000/- and maximum Loan amount is Rs.25 lakhs

Attractive Rate of interest

NIL processing charges for loans upto Rs. 1.00 lakhs*


Make a future ready investment in SOLAR with IOB TEJAS

Udyam Registration Number is mandatory for all MSME units, The account should not be under SMA 2 Category in last 12 months, In case of new borrowers, the CIBIL/ CRIF High Mark score of all promoters should be 650 and above.

Loans upto Rs. 9.00 Crores with repayment period upto 10 years

Attractive rate of interest and low margin of 10%

No additional Collateral for existing borrowers

IOB Guarantee Plus

Boost your Business with IOB Guarantee Plus and enjoy:

Higher Working Capital

No Collateral Security

Additional Term loan for CGTMSE fee with EMI options

New/ Existing MSEs having Sole Banking arrangement with our Bank, Working capital, Term Loan & Working Capital Term Loan can be considered, The account should not be under SMA1 and SMA 2 category in last 12 months, In case of new borrowers, the CIBIL/ CRIF High Mark Score of all promoters should be 700 and above.

Maximum Loan amount up to Rs.10 crore.


For GenNext Women Entrepreneur

Higher Working Capital

Nil processing charge upto Rs.50 lakhs of loan amount & Concession of 50% on upfront fee if TL margin is 50% & above

No Collateral Security upto Rs. 5 Crore & 0.25% interest concession.

Additional Term Loan for CGTMSE fee with EMI options

Maximum Loan amount up to Rs.10 crore.


Micro and Small Units Engaged in Manufacturing / Services / Retail Trade Sectors.

To Meet All Business Needs Including WC Requirements and to Take Up Income Generating Activities.

Maximum: Rs. 2.00 Lacs.


All Existing Artisan's Borrowers Enjoying Credit Limit upto Rs. 2 Lacs.

To Provide Adequate and Timely Assistance to Meet the Investments and Working Capital Requirement.

Maximum: Rs. 2.00 Lacs


To Chartered Accountants for Purchase of Car, Construction of Office Premises, Acquire Ready Built Office Premises, Cover Cost of Land and Construction etc.

Maximum: Rs. 1.25 Crore


Qualified / Registered Individual Medical Practitioners Recognized by Indian Council of Medical Research, Including Dental Surgeons, Polyclinics etc.

Maximum: Rs. 5.00 Crore.


To Government Registered Contractor for Executing Contract Works.

Maximum: Rs. 5.00 Crores.


Existing Handloom Weavers for WC and TL Requirement of the Weaver.

Maximum: Rs. 10.00 Lacs

PM Vishwakarma

For Artisans and craftspeople. 18 traditional trades i.e., Carpenter, Boat Maker, Armourer, Blacksmith, Hammer and Tool Kit Maker, Locksmith, Goldsmith, Potter, Sculptor, Cobbler, Mason, Basket/Mat/Broom maker/Coir weaver, Doll & Toy Maker, Barber, Garland Maker, Washerman, Tailor & Fishing Net Maker

To enhance and support the capabilities of traditional artisans and craftspeople as TL.

Min 18 years of age; engaged in one of the traditional trades in unorganised sector on self-employment basis; should not have availed loans under similar credit based schemes of central/state govt in the past 5 years (eg. Mudra, PM Svanidhi, PMEGP etc.); restricted to one member of the family.

  • First Tranche: upto Rs.100000/- (should have undergone skill verification & completed basic skill training)
  • Second Tranche: upto Rs.200000/- (adopted digital txns in their business or taken advanced skill training & after closure of 1st tranche loan i.e.,min 6 months after disbursement of 1st tranche loan).

* T&C Apply

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