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Last Updated on: 03/07/2023



  • New/ Existing MSEs having Sole Banking arrangement with our Bank.
  • Working capital, Term Loan & Working Capital Term Loan can be considered.
  • The account should not be under SMA1 and SMA 2 category in last 12 months.
  • In case of new borrowers, the CIBIL/ CRIF High Mark Score of all promoters should be 700 and above.


Purchase of machineries, construction, repair, upgradation, Fresh & additional working capital in form of LC/LG, WCTL.

Loan Amount

Maximum Loan amount up to Rs.10 crore.

Security/ CGTMSE cover

The loan will be secured by CGTMSE up to Rs 5.00 crore and more than Rs 5.00 crore by hybrid collateral coverage scheme. Premium for the coverage shall be borne by the borrower.


Minimum margin of 20% on stocks & 25% on Book Debts, 20% of the invoice value for purchase of Equipments, Plant & Machinery, construct work shed/ factory premise & Vehicles etc.

Rate of Interest

Applicable rate of interest for MSE advances as per Bank's extant circular.

Repayment Period

Maximum period of 84 months including holiday period up to 12 months.

Processing Fee

Concession of 50% on upfront fee for term loan, if TL margin is 50% & above.

Other Condition

  • Udyam Registration Number is mandatory for all MSE units.
  • Accounts rated up to IOB 5 (CRRM) & IOB 4 (RAM) can be financed up to 30% of projected turnover accepted by the Bank, as working capital limit.
  • If the loans are considered under Stand Up India scheme, CGSSI coverage may be taken.
  • Separate additional Term Loan(3% of original Term Loan) shall be sanctioned on borrower's request to pay year-on-year CGTMSE fee for the first 3 years. This loan is to be repaid in 36 EMI without any holiday period.

*For any further detail, please contact our nearest Branch or call on 1800 425 4445 or 1800 890 4445 (Tollfree)