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Last Updated on: 21/03/2024


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Micro Units in Non-Corporate Sector Viz. Individuals, Proprietary & Partnership Firms Engaged in Nonfarm Activities for Income Generation.

Daily Cash withdrawal limit

Subject to A Max. of 20% of WC Limit Shishu: Rs. 2000/- Kishore: Rs. 20000/- Tarun: Rs. 20000/- (May Vary as per Latest Scheme)

Daily Limit for Usage at PoS & Ecom

Subject to A Max. of 20% of WC Limit Shishu: Rs. 1500/- Kishore: Rs. 20000/- Tarun: Rs.40000/- (May Vary as per Latest Scheme)

Annual Maintenance fee

Rs. 200/- +GST from the 2nd Year Onwards at the Beginning of the Year.

Replacement/Re-issue of Lost/Damaged Card

Rs. 200/- +GST

Re-issue of PIN

Green PIN Rs. 20/- +GST, Paper PIN Rs. 50/- +GST, PIN RESET Rs. 10/- +GST

Card Limit

Issued under RuPay Brand A Separate CC Account is Opened and Allot A Sublimit to the Extent of 20% WC Limit for Exclusive Card Operations. Max. Card Limit: Shishu Rs. 1,000/- Kishore Rs. 1,00,000/- Tarun Rs. 2,00,000/- (May Vary as per Latest Scheme)

PoS/Ecom Transactions

No Charges

Transactions at IOB ATMs

First 10 Transactions (Financial and Non-Financial Transactions)

No Charges

After 10 Transactions for Each Financial Transaction

Rs. 10/- +GST

After 10 Transactions for Each Non-Financial Transaction (Mini Statement, Balance Enquiry etc.,)

Rs. 5/- +GST

Transactions at Other Bank ATMs

First 5 Transactions (3 Transactions Only Allowed in 6 Metro Cities) Including Non-Financial in A Calendar Month for SB Account Holders

No Charges

After 5 Transactions (From 4th Transaction Onwards in 6 Metro Cities) for Each Transaction

Rs. 21/- +GST

For CD Accounts (From First Transaction Onwards)

Rs. 21/- +GST