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Last Updated on: 03/07/2023



  • Existing and New MSME borrowers
  • Borrowers under both sole banking & multiple banking arrangement are eligible
  • Individuals, proprietorship, partnership, TRUST, LLP, Pvt Limited companies.


Working capital for operations, term loans for creation/purchase of fixed assets/Demand loan for short term expenses.

Loan Amount

Minimum above Rs.10.00 Lacs and Maximum no ceiling.


Liquid securities - 10%(Fixed deposit/Eligible Insurance Policies).

Immovable - 30% of Fair market Value of property, assessed by Bank's panel valuer.

Rate of Interest

Loan Amount

Total Spread

Up to Rs. 2 Crore

RLLR + 1.25%

Above Rs. 2 Crore

RLLR + 1.00%

Rating - IOB 1 to 2

Rating - IOB 3 to 4

RLLR + 1.25%

Rating - IOB 5

RLLR + 1.50%

Rating - IOB 6

RLLR + 2.50%

Collateral Security

Liquid securities-10%(FD/Policies) & Immovable - 30% of FMV

Repayment Period

TL upto 50 lacs- 84 months with 12 months moratorium

Exceeding 50 lacs - 120 months with 18 months moratorium.

Demand Loan - one year

Processing Fee

Working Capital - 0.50% of loan amount & Term Loan - 1.00% of loan amount.

Other Conditions

  • If the value of prime security is 200% and above, a concession of 0.50% can be extended on the applicable interest rates.
  • Borrowers having security coverage of 200% and above can be granted ADHOC facility of 20% of working capital limit.
  • Borrowers under Multiple banking who wants to bank solely with us will be offered waiver of 50% processing charge/ upfront fee under SME Easy.
  • Borrowers who is ready to open 100 or more employee's salary account will be offered flat Rs.10000/- discount on applicable Processing charge.
  • Free credit cards to individual Borrowers/ Proprietors/ Partners/ Directors/ Guarantors (subject to the eligibility) without Joining Fee.

*For any further detail, please contact our nearest Branch or call on 1800 425 4445 or 1800 890 4445 (Tollfree)