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Agri & Rural

Last Updated on: 20/03/2023

IOBs Commitment for Social Causes

IOB and Society:

IOB has been committed to and involved in various social causes, the most prominent being women empowerment - the Sakthi IOB Chidambaram Chettiar Memorial Trust and IOB's Promotion of the Agricultural Seed Bank. 

The Sakthi IOB Chidambaram Chettiyar Memorial Trust is a public charity trust initiated by the Bank and its Staff Representative organisations in February 1996 in memory of Shri M.Ct.M.Chidambaram Chettiyar, the founder of IOB. 


To enable women in the lower strata of society to equip themselves with the essential skills and knowledge required for embarking on a career of their choice. 

The Sakthi IOB Chidambaram Chettiar Memorial Trust 

IOB's Commitment for Social Causes 

IOB's Promotion of Pulses Seed Bank is a project in association with M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai for the establishment of Seed Banks in various villages under Dryland farming. 


Most small and marginal farmers in the rain fed areas pay less attention to cultivating pulses consequently leading to the decline of productivity in this sector. This scheme is intended to increase the production of pulses in dryland farming. 


The Districts of Ramanathapuram and Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu were chosen for the 1st Phase of this project. 

The aim of this project is...

To increase the availability of good quality seeds at the right time to the small and marginal farmers

The provision of market linkages for pulses

Sending in experts from the MSSR Foundation for demonstration of pulses cultivation in the rain fed areas