Last Updated on 23/03/2021

New Launch
National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)


  • NCMC card is designed as a combination of both contact and contactless features with Near Field Communication Technology.
  • TAP AND GO CARD: Under NFC technology PIN number is not required to be entered for completing the transaction and the card needs only to be tapped on the PoS Terminal/Device to complete the transaction. Transaction above Rs. 5000.00 will be mandatorily conducted over the Contact interface with PIN.
  • This card can be used as a normal debit card and also has a unique stored value feature, which can be used for digital payments in offline mode, thus making it a solution of choice for Transits and in retail shop/chains.
  • Wallet is a virtual allocation within the EMV Chip of the Card to store the balance of permitted amount that can be transferred from the attached Bank's Savings/Current account to make Off-line payments in Public Transport like Metro Rail & Buses, Toll Plaza etc.
  • Minimal Risk, since the transaction is permitted against the available balance in the Local wallet of each service Id.