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Personal Banking

Last Updated on: 18/03/2023

IOB - SB Silver- I

We offer this special product for individuals employed in reputed companies among Public/Private sector, Government, software companies etc. You get various concessions for an average daily balance of RS.5000 over the last three months.


All Individuals Including those Employed in Reputed Companies, Among Software, Public /Private Sector, Govt.


While opening the account, the account can be opened with '0' balance. The account provides certain concessions and in order to be eligible for the concession, Quarterly Average Balance should not be less than Rs. 5000/-


  • ATM cards on day one
  • International Debit Card Issued without charges
  • Free Internet banking & Mobile Banking facility
  • Monthly account statements over E-mail
  • Free SMS alerts for daily transactions
  • Online Tax payment facility
  • Transfer of funds through RTGS without charges
  • Transfer of funds thro' NEFT without charges
  • Personal Accident insurance covers of Rs. One lakh free of cost
  • Utility Bill payment facility – Rent/school fees/college fees/ donations/ IOB credit card bills/utility bills/ Telephone bills
  • Overdraft facility up to one-month salary in case of salary earners
  • Facility for family Health Insurance – IOB-healthcare Plus