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Last Updated on: 22/07/2024


                                      BHIM IOB UPI

  • Self Registration and PIN set using Debit Card/Aadhaar number.
  • Link any Bank account as UPI is interoperable
  • Transfer funds instantly to any UPI ID, bank account or IFSC code.
  • Generate a Collect Request and let others send you money with ease.
  • Scan any QR code and pay directly from your linked bank account.
  • Set up recurring mandates for bills, subscriptions or any regular payment without hassle.
  • Enjoy faster transactions without entering your PIN for UPI LITE payments up to Rs. 500/-

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  • Terms & Conditions for BHIM IOB UPI Service - (View)
  • Terms & Conditions for UPI Lite - (View)
  • Privacy Policy for BHIM IOB UPI - (View)


❱ What is BHIM IOB UPI (UPI App of IOB)?

  • BHIM IOB UPI (UPI app of IOB) is a payment solution that allows account holders of all Banks participating in UPI to send and receive money, make payment using their smartphones.

How UPI Different From IMPS?

  • IMPS facilitate transfer of money from Sender to Receiver and the transaction is initiated by the Sender.
  • UPI facilitatestransfer of money using both Push & Pull mechanism where the transaction can be initiated by Sender as well as Receiver.
  • Multiple Banks account can be linked to a Single APP for money transfer.
  • Secured by single click two factor authentication.

How BHIM IOB UPI Different From Other Payment Solutions/Apps?

  • BHIM IOB UPI provides the flexibility of making payments at your convenience 24X7 on all 365 days of the year.
  • You can transfer funds using your BHIM IOB UPI app to your friend/relative by knowing only their Virtual Payment Address (VPA).
  • The receiver of the money need not disclose his account number, IFSC code or any other such Banking details.

Can I Use More Than One UPI Application on Same Mobile Devise?

  • Yes, you can use more than one UPI application on the same mobile and link same as well as different accounts in both the UPI apps.

Will I Be Able to Use BHIM IOB UPI App Across All Mobile Platforms?

  • Yes, BHIN IOB UPI is available on both Android and IOS Platforms

Can I Link Mobile Wallet to BHIM IOB UPI?

  • No, you cannot link a mobile wallet to BHIM IOB UPI. Only bank accounts can be added.

❱ Installation and Registration Process

How I will install BHIM IOB UPI?

  • Go to Google Playstore/ Apple Appstore as the case be.
  • Download the latest version of BHIM IOB UPI
  • Click on the install/open button and complete the steps for Registration.
  • Please ensure that you have linked your mobile number with your bank account.

Do I need any registration before remitting funds using UPI?

  • Yes, a customer needs to register with BHIM IOB UPI after downloading it in his/her mobile and link his/her accounts for remitting funds using UPI.

How Do I register as a Merchant?

  • After registration, user needs to click on "I am a Merchant" tab on the main screen.
  • Fill the details as asked for, submit and confirm acceptance.
  • User is now a Merchant.

❱ Creation of VPA (Virtual Payment Address)

What is Virtual Payment Address (VPA)?

  • Virtual Payment Address" is a virtual ID which is unique. For example, name or number or a combination of numbers and characters followed by @iob that you can choose for yourself, like, manish@iob or 1234567890@iob.
  • Your account is linked to a VPA. So, you can pay/receive money using your VPA instead of sharing bank account details.

How can I generate Virtual Payment Address (VPA)?

  • On App start up, confirmation message for SMS to be sent for registration will be displayed.
  • On clicking YES, registration page is displayed. Provide the information asked for on the page e.g., First Name, Last Name, Email etc.
  • Set your preferred VPA or choose from the suggested VPA and Submit.

❱ Linking of Account

How I will link account to my UPI for transacting?

  • You have to select the Bank of your choice (where you have your account) from the list of Banks displayed.
  • On completion of above details, click on "Next" button. Select the required Account from the list of accounts displayed to link and Click Register.

Can I link more than one account to a single virtual payment address?

  • Yes

I have 2 accounts with IOB, do I need separate virtual payment addresses (VPA) for each of these accounts?

  • You can have a single VPA or multiple VPAs as per your choice. In case of multiple accounts linked to single VPA, the default account can be changed using "Account Management" tab in the app using the option "Set as Default Account".

How can I change my Default A/c?

  • Login to BHIM IOB UPI App
  • Select option Bank Accounts in main menu.
  • Select Account from linked accounts available.
  • Click 'Make Default' button to set the selected account as default account. This account will be termed as "Primary Account"

I have account with 'XYZ' bank. Can I transact with it using BHIM IOB UPI?

  • Yes, you can do transactions in your 'XYZ' bank account using BHIM IOB UPI. In this case the XYZ banks needs to be on NPCI UPI platform directly or through a Sponsor Bank.

I intend to add multiple accounts from other banks to IOB. Do I need a separate virtual payment address (VPA) for each of these accounts?

  • Not necessary. A single VPA can be created and linked to multiple accounts. One of the account will be default account. The default account can be changed at any time. The money will be paid/received from/in the default account.
  • You also have the option to create separate VPA for each account.

Can I use another UPI app simultaneously in my phone? Will I be required to register again or I can carry the same virtual address?

  • Yes, you can use multiple UPI apps in single mobile phone.
  • For using different UPI apps, you need to download these apps and complete registration process of the respective apps.
  • You can also use the same "name" in all VPAs, but the handle (name@handle) will always be different for all apps. (Ex: name@IOB, name@upi, name@hdfc, etc).

❱ Benficiary Management

Do I need to register a beneficiary before transferring funds through BHIM IOB UPI? What details of beneficiary will be required?

  • No, registration of Beneficiary is not required for transferring funds through BHIM IOB UPI.
  • You need any one of VPA/Account+IFSC Code/ Aadhaar Number/QR code of the beneficiary.
  • These details can be stored for future use so that every time you need not have to enter the beneficiary details.

Does the beneficiary also have to register for UPI for receiving funds?

  • In case of Virtual ID transaction (VPA) & QR Code mode, the beneficiary needs to register with UPI and in turn will have a Virtual ID (VAP) or QR code.
  • But in case of Account +IFSC the beneficiary need not be registered for UPI.

Does the beneficiary/receiver needs to have a Bank account?

  • Yes, the beneficiary/receiver must have a bank account for transferring money. Amount is directly credited to the account.

❱ PIN Management and Security

What is an App Passcode and how will I create App Passcode?

  • App Passcode is required to open the App. During registration process after SIM verification you will be asked to create an App Passcode, which is required for opening the BHIM IOB UPI App every time.
  • In case you forget they App Passcode, you can recover the same through forget option.
  • Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the tick mark.

What happens if I forget my UPI pin?

  • In case you forgets the UPI PIN of an Account, you needs to re-generate new PIN under Bank Account
  • Select an account from linked account list under Bank Account option and click on Reset UPI PIN option. Give the details of Debit (ATM) Card in the screen and create a new PIN using the OTP in the next screen.

What happens if my mobile phone is lost?

  • In case of mobile loss, you need to simply block your mobile number, by contacting your mobile service provider.
  • No transaction can be initiated without knowing your App Passcode and UPI PIN.
  • The transactions are further protected by device binding (linked to mobile handset). If the same SIM is used in a different mobile device, the user has to re-register.
  • Never share your App Passcode or UPI PIN with anyone.
  • In case, both your mobile handset and SIM is changed, you need to re-register for BHIM IOB UPI as a new user by creating new VPA.

In case my mobile is used by another person, will there be any security breach?

  • BHIM IOB UPI app has 2 levels of authentication. During login the application is secured by a Login password.
  • In any transaction through UPI, UPI PIN of the Account would be required which needs to be fed through the mobile at the time of transaction, making your BHIM IOB UPI safe and secured.

In case I want to disable the VPA, what should I do?

  • You have to login to BHIM IOB UPI app and go to settings menu and use the De-Register UPI option to de-register the UPI facility.

❱ Sending and Receiving Money

What is the upper transaction limit for sending or requesting money using BHIM IOB UPI?

  • For first transaction after setting UPI PIN maximum amount will be Rs.5,000/- and cumulative amount in a day will be Rs.5,000/- for the first 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours per transaction and per day limit is Rs.1, 00,000/- in BHIM IOB UPI, at present with single transaction threshold limit of Rs.50,000/-.
  • You can do a maximum number of 10 transactions in 24 hours per account within the Rs.1,00,000/- limit.

What are the different options for transferring funds using BHIM IOB UPI?

  • Transfer through VPA/UPI ID
  • Account Number + IFSC
  • Scanning QR Code

How can I transfer money or make payment?

  • Login to BHIM IOB UPI App
  • Select option 'Send Money' or 'Scan'
  • Select any of the payment options like VPA or Account and IFSC or QR Code.
  • Enter other required details like Amount and Narration.
  • Select Debit Account from the linked accounts and click Next button.
  • Enter UPI PIN to authorize transaction.

What is Collect Request?

  • Collect Request is for collecting money from you. If you receive a Collect Request, be mindful that money will be debited/paid from your account.
  • Never ever approve/authorize a 'Collect' request from an unknown person.
  • Collect request for P2P has been capped at Rs.2000 per request with maximum no of 5 requests per day.

How can I receive money using a Virtual Payment Address?

  • Login to BHIM IOB UPI App
  • Select option 'Pending Request'
  • Click on accept or reject.

What is the timeline to approve a collect request by a payer?

  • However, you can set time limit of maximum 45 days while generating the collect request.

How do I respond to a collect request that has been sent to me?

  • You will get a notification when anybody initiates a collect request on you
  • Click on the notification or Login to BHIM IOB UPI App
  • Click on the notification 'Pending Request'
  • Select required Collect request from pending items
  • Click Approve/Reject as per your wish
  • Enter UPI PIN for approving the request. Money will be debited from your account & sent to beneficiary's account instantly.

Can I transfer money abroad using BHIM IOB UPI?

  • No

Can I link my NRE/NRO accounts in BHIM IOB UPI?


If I have more than one account linked to a Virtual Payment Address, how do I select the account from which I want to send money to a beneficiary?

  • From Bank Accounts, Set Default Account for Transactions so that the default account is displayed in the dropdown during every transaction.

How can I track my transaction status?

  • Login to BHIM IOB UPI App
  • Select option 'History'(Bottom Right Corner) to see recent transactions. Transaction status will be displayed as - Pending/Success/Failed/Reject/Expired depending on the type of transaction.
  • Click on the particular transactions to know the details.

❱ Complaints Management

If I have any issue with UPI transactions, how can I raise a complaint?

  • Login to BHIM IOB UPI
  • Click on History to view all recent transactions
  • Select the transaction and Click Raise Dispute button
  • Select Dispute type, enter Remark
  • Click Submit
  • If there is any other query or complaint you can also write to

What if my account is debited but the transaction does not go through?

  • UPI provides for reversal mechanism for technical declines.
  • The amount would be transferred back to your account on T+1 days after the beneficiary bank verifies at their end and advises to the remitter bank.
  • If the amount does not credited back to your account in 2 days, you can raise a dispute for the specific transaction through the App from the menu 'History'.

Can I put a stop payment request for funds transferred by BHIM IOB UPI?

  • No, once the payment is authorised, you cannot stop the transaction.

What if I commit a mistake while entering the VPA or Account number or IFSC code?

  • You have to contact the beneficiary through your Bank to get a refund.
  • Give a request to your branch for raising charge back on the beneficiary's Bank.
  • In this case, recovery of money from the beneficiary will be done purely on 'Good Faith' basis by the beneficiary bank on getting debit authority or approval from their customer.

Where do I register a complaint with reference to the BHIM IOB UPI transaction?

  • You can raise your grievance or check status of BHIM IOB UPI transaction through the UPI App of the participating banks and also send an email to
  • You can register your complaints and seek clarifications also on the following Toll Free numbers viz. 1800 890 4445 / 1800 425 4445.

❱ Disabling / Enabling of UPI Services in Your Accounts

Can I disable UPI facility in my account?

  • Yes. In case you did not want to continue to use UPI facility in your account, you can stop the facility by contacting your home branch and giving a written request or through the BHIM IOB UPI App.

❱ Charges & Rewards

What are the charges levied on the customer?

  • Presently, no charges are levied for BHIM IOB UPI transactions. Charges are subject to revision from time to time. Any change in this matter will be published on Bank's website
  • Available Rewards and offers from the various merchant partners will be shown in screen after login.

❱ Merchant QR

With BHIM IOB UPI - QR code, now accept payments from your customers instantly without any worries.

Go digital and grow your business without incurring any additional costs. Provide your customers the convenience of making payments using their smartphones by simply scanning the BHIM IOB UPI - QR code. Customers can use any UPI app to make payments for purchase of goods or services from you.

Merchants having existing SB/CC/CA account with IOB can approach their Home Branch or any nearest Branch of IOB to get their BHIM IOB UPI - QR code instantly.

Here are some major benefits of availing BHIM IOB UPI - QR for your business:

  • Get your BHIM IOB UPI - QR instantly at zero additional cost
  • Avoid daily hassles of handling cash
  • All customer payments get instantly credited to your linked Bank accounts
  • Get detailed statement of your daily transactions and save time on end-of-day reconciliations
  • No need to visit your Branch on a daily basis for cash deposits into your current account
  • Provide customers the convenience of paying through their smartphones using any of the BHIM UPI enabled apps like: BHIM IOB UPI, BHIM etc.